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Lizzie’s Diner

Lizzie’s Diner is situated in a small terrace building on the main street of Dunfanaghy, but I wouldn’t let it’s unpretentious appearance or name mislead you, this is a small restaurant serving top quality food at very reasonable prices.

The menu consists mainly of various burgers served with salads and french fried potatoes, but try the chicken fillet burger, served with goat’s cheese and your impression of what a burger should taste like is suddenly enlightened.

I personally would recommend the Seafood chowder served with wheaten bread, and consumed with a lovely chilled bottle of Riesling. And that’s a added bonus to Lizzie’s, you can ensure that your Riesling is chilled because you can bring it along yourself, with no corkage charge!!

And THEN, when you have had your fill, and your Riesling has been drunk, and it’s time to powder your nose, you can do it in the spotlessly clean and stylish surroundings of Lizzie’s Diner’s bathroom. I think it’s brilliant!!!

Phone: +353 (0)74 91 36 789