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Before we talk about golf in Dunfanaghy, let’s talk a little about the history of the game, and in particular the part played by Harry Vardon, the man who laid out the links at Dunfanaghy Golf Club.

Harry Vardon won the first of his six Open Championships in 1896, a record which remains unsurpassed to this day. In 1900 he made several promotional trips to The United States, where he competed in the fledgling US Open, which he won, setting course records wherever he went, having a major effect on the popularisation of golf in America in the early decades of the 20th century.

Harry Vardon overlapped his hands on the grip of the club, and that grip, called the Vardon Grip, is still the preferred grip of 95 percent of the world’s touring professionals.

In his career he won 62 tournaments, including a record 14 consecutively, again a record which still stands today. He was, as someone put it, a sort of Tiger Woods in a wool coat and knickerbockers.

Dunfanaghy Golf Links was laid out by Harry Vardon in 1905. The original 1st hole, now the 18th, still bears his name, “Vardon’s First”. The course layout has hardly changed since Vardon laid out the fairways and greens, over a century ago. Dunfanaghy is a beautiful links 18 hole course, a living slice of history. What are you waiting for? (Sorry - shouldn’t have said “slice” there!)

2017 Winter Clubhouse Lounge Opening Hours:

Wednesday: 12 - 6pm.

Friday: 3 - 8pm.

Saturday: Food served 12 - 5pm.

Sunday: Food served 12 - 5pm.


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