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The Famine Graveyard Walk



Duration:- 45 minutes, plus time in the graveyard.

Clothing:- Nothing special.

Terrain:- National Road, local roads.

This is a short walk, which could equally be an even shorter drive.

Starting from the Market Square in the middle of Dunfanaghy, walk along the main N56 road towards Creeslough. After about 800 metres, turn right to walk up the hill, where you walk past a small caravan site.

Then you encounter several different graveyards, due to the history of the now ruined Clondahorkey church. Interred in the first graveyard you come to are the remains of “Wee Hannah” whose story is told in The Workhouse.

Next to this graveyard is the Famine Graveyard.

As you continue walking on from the Famine Graveyard you pass the ruined Clondahorkey Church, and looking to the right are views of Dunfanaghy, and to the left are views of Muckish mountain.

When you come to the end of the road, turn right to return to Dunfanaghy. As you descend towards Dunfanaghy, if you look to the left you can see The Workhouse, and the old Fever Hospital, which is now The Gallery.

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