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The Horn Head Walk




A simple but stunning walk is from the lookout post car park at Horn Head, At the east end of the small car park, a few trodden paths can be found. Just off to your right in about 60m, you can have wonderful views -weather permitting -south east and beyond to the cliffs below the viewpoint on the main road. Turn about and follow the small trail in the direction of the Signal Tower. The Tower was built during the Napoleonic Wars to warn of possible French invasion-if you are French and reading this,you are most welcome now !

The track[s] are usually quite wet under foot as they are on peat or grass etc. until you get nearer the cliff edge so you need sensible foot wear. Please be aware it is nearly always windy up here and even when not, it is very important to keep children under close supervision at all times. In about ten minutes, you can pick up a track that takes you to the right along the cliff edge with the Tower visible ahead. Do not go too close to the edge as it is a very long way down i.e. about 250m. The Tower can be reached in about 30 mins and there are many opportunities to take in the wonderful panoramic scenery of this head land. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, you may see some interesting plants and birds but if not the views from this tower are a rich reward for little effort. Please do not undertake this walk in bad weather unless you are an experienced hiker and preferable be accompanied no matter.

Jim Gallagher- Meenacross

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