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Marble Hill



Marble Hill beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Donegal. At high tide it is split into two different sections, with several small yachts and boats moored in the bay during the summer season. Marble Hill is popular with swimmers, surfers, bathers, walkers, sand-castle builders and just about everybody who knows of its existence.

To get to Marble Hill Beach, drive from Dunfanaghy, along the N56 towards, Creeslough. After about a mile or so, you pass the road down to Port-na-Blagh harbour. Then, after about 600 metres, take the turn off the N56, which is marked “Scenic Route”. Follow this road, which affords superb views over Kilahoey, Port-na-Blagh, and Sheephaven Bay. After a couple of miles you will come to Marble Hill Beach. If you continue on this road, it will take you back onto the N56.

Don’t forget to call by The Shack, if you fancy a coffee or ice-cream or up to the Shandon hotel bar, if it is something stronger you are after to quench your thirst, before you head home.

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