Where the music beckons,And the mountains echo the call


The Muckish Railway Walk



If a walk through some of Ireland’s finest scenery, with little chance of meeting anyone or seeing any signs modern development, is something which appeals, then this is the walk for you!

A section of the old Creeslough to Burtonport Railway line has been cleared and made suitable for walkers. This 6 km route to the Falcarragh station passes along Lough Agher and cuts through rocky outcrops showing some of the engineering feats involved in the construction of the original railway. From cuttings to embankments and stone bridges, to spectacular views of unspoiled terrain, the trail is simply beautiful.

To find this walk, turn off the N56 opposite the Doe graveyard, just on the north side of Creeslough. Drive for a few kilometres, past Muckish Sand and Gravel, and you will see the walkers signs on the left.

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