Where the music beckons,And the mountains echo the call

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The beautiful Holy Trinity Church of Ireland church is situated on the road out of the village leading to Horn Head. This lovely church has been calling congregations to worship since 1873.

Clondahorkey Church of Ireland parish had one church at Ballymore until 1873, when the parish was divided in two and this "new" Holy Trinity Church was built to serve the growing village of Dunfanaghy. The church and rectory together were designed by John Lanyon of Belfast, who was the son of the famous architect, Charles Lanyon, who designed several landmark buildings of Belfast, including the main building of Queen's University.

In very recent years Holy Trinity Church has played host to several community music concerts. The wonderful acoustics in the church make it a perfect music venue, and its inspirational setting make it popular for both musicians and audiences.

Congregations are welcomed to worship in Holy Trinity every Sunday at 10.30am.

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