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With all of Donegal at your disposal, there are infinite possibilities for walks, even within just the Dunfanaghy area. The section lists a few very local walks, and then expands outwards from Dunfanaghy and strays further afield.

Some of the walks are mere strolls before possibly going for a beer or cup of coffee, others are mildly more strenuous and will require suitable clothing and footwear. As the weather can change dramatically here in a short space of time, even if no special clothing is required, we suggest that you carry rain gear if you are dressed for the sun, and carry sun gear if you are dressed for the rain!

In all cases it is advisable to let somebody know where you went, and at what time you are due to return. A mobile phone is extremely useful to have, but due to reception difficulties, it cannot be relied upon in the case of emergencies.

The drives are longer, passing through the magnificent surrounding landscape.

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