Contrary to popular understanding, at The Haven Smokehouse we do not use salt to cure our salmon - we use smoke! Salt is used to create a pellicle on the flesh to let smoke stick to it. Given time, smoke will slowly displace the moisture in the salmon, therefore curing and creating a low salt product - call us rebels.

Declan the Master Smoker will then carefully thread a needle under the collar of each side, with twine, and hang them from hooks.

After drying using the fresh Atlantic breeze, it is time to light the turf fire.

Gentle smoke envelopes our salmon sides for 2 to 3 days as it slowly starts to cure, and as Declan says, “It will be ready when it’s ready!”.

Our salmon is hung on twine from hooks, which allows the oil that comes to the surface, to drip off the tail, in sparkling droplets - not horizontal on racks in a mechanically driven generator. We have balanced salt, smoke and salmon flavour with a dry mouth appeal.  

Now time to slice. . . And eat..

Within hours of swimming in the wild Atlantic waters, it is on the filleting table.

We could throw a stone from the smokehouse door, and watch the ripples flow, and as we say up here, “Sure what else would ye do?”.

Our beautiful, fresh, organic salmon is carefully hand selected

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The Haven Smokehouse, Co. Donegal - unique turf-smoked, organic salmon