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Donegal is a photographer’s paradise. Landscape, seascape, mountains and ancient monuments, coupled with the ‘softness’ of the Irish light the vistas are always changing with time of day and season.

We offer photo-tours at a local scale – Ulster (Donegal and the North Coast of Antrim). We will show you the best locations, regardless of weather, and take you to places where the attractions reflect the very best of Ireland. Donegal itself is Ireland in microcosm – it has it all. We will endeavour to enable you to capture that inimitable moment in the ever changing conditions which typify Ireland’s beauty.

Alternative Visions is owned and managed by Trevor Cole and Ashley Kydd. Trevor has published images in magazines, calendars and cards and presented to the Royal Geographical Society and is a member of the Royal Photographic Society. Images have been used for educational purposes and he has exhibited in a number of countries. He has also reached the final of travel photographer of the year (TPOTY) in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015. Trevor was born in Derry but has lived in England, Singapore, Togo, Italy, Ethiopia, Brazil and now back in his home country. Ashley is a passionate landscape photographer with an enviable knowledge of locations in Ireland and in particular Donegal. Some of this insight comes from 30 years of sailing the coastal waters of the county and developing an intimate knowledge of beaches, arches, islands and cliff lines which are often hidden from sight.

We are offering affordable photo-tour exclusives. Planned from half days to 10 days or customized to cater for your aspirations and needs. Book your tour now for an inimitable experience in Donegal, Ireland or beyond.

We sell calendars and cards - all available in the local shops and galleries and also framed prints in Arnold’s Bistro, An Clachan gallery (Gweedore) and Buttermilk.

The photographers at Alternative Vision have given the developers of this site backing in every way possible, both financially, and by giving us free access to their amazing portfolio. With their permission, we have used some of their outstanding pieces of art, albeit displayed at a reduced resolution, and in a compressed JPeg format(70%), therefore they are NOT totally representative of the standard of their work, but add a huge dimension to this site. We thank them gratefully.


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